Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Patience is a Gift

So its been awhile since I have posted on here, that doesn't mean nothing has been going on because it has. What I want to share today is a simple term. That term is PATIENCE. Your hear patience is a virtue, and that is absolutely right, it is also a gift from God. You see over the past month I have been placed in situations where I have to be patient. I have asked for patience and have received it. These situations have been in the form of me interviewing for a job and really trying to seek the Lord out in it, and he also put me in situations with the people around me. You see no matter what I want and how bad I try, it's always going to be on the Lords terms.

Here recently I interviewed for a job at a church, for the longest time I had been praying for this job and they called me down for an interview. Everything went well with it and they offered the position to me. I left and went home and prayed about it for a few days. But I never received peace about it, you see I could not see myself there, for some reason I just did not have peace about taking that job. If you know anything about me, I like to have things planned out and ready to go. Well this is one of those times where its not planned out, or at least for me to see. The Lord has his plan ready and I know that through this I will gain patience and trust through out all this.

Its funny that when you try to do things on your own, you are going to mess it up. I have experienced that myself in the last month. I have tried to control a lot of things and they fall apart. The Lord is always going to be in control no matter what. You are going to have times of weakness where you want to control it, but its never going to work out unless you let God take full control.

"The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps" Proverbs 16:9

We can have everything planned out our way, and think that it is going great. But remember that the Lord will guide us and as it says will establish his steps.