Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life of Faith

This is topic is a topic I am passionate about because I struggle with this all the time. That is living a life of faith. What does it mean to live a life of faith? Does it mean to completely devote your life to Christ and place all trust in him? Yes. Does it mean that no matter what you are going through, whether it be struggles or any sort of pain, that you will rely on the love of the Lord to get you through it? Yes. You see it is easy to answer these questions when I am typing out this Blog or to say it to someone else. But can you really say these things and answer them truthfully. I can't, now that does not mean I am not a Christian. You see I struggle with pride. I feel that I have to control everything and that I know whats best for me. But the reality is that I don't know whats best for me, and I know that God is always in control and that he is sovereign over all.
When I think of living a life of faith. I think of Abraham. What a great example of living a life of faith. Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son. So he took his son and himself up a mountain with out any hesitation. Walking for days up that mountain Isaac kept asking Abraham where the lamb was, and Abraham replied to him saying that God will provide the lamb. Abraham never lost faith, he laid Isaac down on the stones tied him up and grabbed the knife to sacrifice him, an then the Angel of the Lord appeared to them saying not to touch the boy and that the Lord had provided a lamb. You see Abraham not once turned back or hesitated about killing his son. He trusted the Lord, and even though he did not know what was to come. He knew that the Lord will provide for him. I ask myself why can't I have that much faith? Why am I always struggling with control? I think we need to have the faith like Abraham had. Never looking back never hesitating, always going forward not knowing where I am going but know that the Lord will guide me. Maybe these are questions you should be asking yourself.